Post 550

It’s been one of those crazy weeks full of one-off events which will never happen again. It’s been beautiful to see that the Lost Daughters Anthology is almost ready and will be on sale soon. It has been a heart-warming and easy experience to be part of the blog over at The Lost Daughters and to be included in the Anthology. Not that I did any of the work, it was all done by the talented women who have made sure it happened and in the best way possible. When women work together with a common interests it all falls into place. I have seen it happen so many times in so many settings, but this is the first time with a group of women who will never all be together in the one place at the same time and most of whom will never meet. It is an all adoptee production and the proceeds will be donated to an adoptee cause to be agreed.
Cameron Horn, a father-of-loss and supporter of origins remarked over the weekend that “If it looks like an adoptee, acts like an adoptee, speaks like an adoptee – then it is probably an adoptee – or a complete sicko psycho …” Some of my fellow adoptees were understandably upset as no doubt they were meant to be! Remember the days when men could say anything they liked to women and then if challenged or told it was out of order would say “It was only a joke, where’s your sense of humour?” or as someone said to me when I didn’t respond the way they wanted – “Sour bitch!” Those days are not far behind us, or may even be very present still for many women. It’s always the default position – “it was only a joke”. These ‘defaulters’ are certainly alive and well in adoptionland, where non-adoptees feel they can say anything they want to male and female adoptees with impunity. It seems that these people, who act as authorities on our lives and experience, can give out advice on how we should live, act and organise our lives. Clearly for adoptees we have a long way to go, or rather non-adoptees have a long way to go, before adoptism is understood and takes it’s place beside other non-sequiturs.
I spent time at my local large hospital last week having a procedure to test my nerve function. It wasn’t pleasant, but fortunately came in short bursts and was over in half an hour. It has revealed that I do have nerve damage in my legs, feet, arms and hands, cause at present unknown and possibly never able to be proven conclusively. The possible causes are Rheumatoid Arthritis, prescription drugs, hospital procedures involving anaesthetics or Vitamin B12 and D deficiencies caused by same. The jury is out, the damage may be permanent, there is probably no cure. And they say it is not good to be a stoic!!
Nothing further to say here but let this blog speak for itself – <pAddicted to God Through the Orphan | Project HOPEFUL Blog.


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