Christin Coralive

coralivePausing a moment, to post a comment made recently on a FB thread by Christin Coralive side left – – I was so shocked when fellow australian adoptees under the banner of the aust. adoptee network encouraged the vic gubbermint to introduce ‘contact statements’ They were continuously warned about the likely consequences of allowing the bureauocracy to have the power to continue to meddle in it’s citizens private lives…as a result Vic has ‘criminalized’ contact between mother and introducing fines up to $8000…do people understand what happens to impoverished people who can’t pay their fines…they go straight to jail….then you become a ‘criminal’
It needs to be made clear that the Australian Adoptees Network is a website, set up by a small handful of adoptees around the time of the Inquiry into forced adoption here in Australia. It is for information and for the support of any adoptee who asks. It is not and never has been for lobbying Government and has never received funding. Neither of the Admins would have time for that and certainly no space in their lives to influence Government or lobbyists in a way which would produce the result described. I paid for the website the first year and Murray Legro paid for the second, no other funding was needed or would have been accepted or asked for.
Membership is vetted and several have been refused or deleted. One of those was Christin Coralive, on the grounds that she had been disruptive and economical with the truth when she dominated threads on various Facebook Groups, some of which I administered. Her accusations of censorship were frequent and unfounded.
She has been responsible for a number of mistruths, too numerous to reproduce here, all of them harmful to the AAN, to fellow adoptee and founder member Murray Legro or myself. She has continued to perpetrate lies about us, our activities and intentions. She continually made unfounded accusations against us both, but particularly against Murray and has been responsible for Murray being called a ‘paedophile’. These are serious allegations and her assumptions are made based on no personal knowledge of either of us or of how the AAN operates. Is she being deliberately libellous or just irritatingly meddlesome and vicious? A court of law would quickly come to a conclusion, but what a waste of time and money! Those who care know the truth and those who don’t, won’t be bothered!
It seems that in the world of adoption there are those who have good intentions and act on them and those who act against them, undermining and sabotaging where they will, without thought or care for the consequences or the possible repercussions for them. It has been a sad piece of learning over the last few years. We see it regularly in every place in adoption. Here in Australia amongst mothers of a certain group who appear to have a deep-seated hatred of some adoptees, maybe all adoptees or of what they do in telling their own truth, who knows? No-one it seems has yet been foolhardy enough to ponder the reasons and no mother has been honest enough to say. We see it amongst a tiny number of adoptees who want to control adoption thinking, write our history and make the definitions. They and some mothers are the ones who tell LDA’s they are not adoptees!! And the victims of the grey market that they too are not adoptees, because their adoptions were not legal!! We see adopters like the Capobiancos in America going to enormous lengths to ‘make’ a child ‘their own’, going way beyond what anyone could imagine or believe was feasible or imaginable. We see the adoption industry itself, out of control, unregulated with a powerful lobby and supporters who will stop at nothing, who can double-think and take hypocrisy to new depths. There is a connection between all of those – it is the lack of ethics, of compassion and of being able to walk in the shoes of others.
Going back for a moment to fellow adoptee, but not mother-of-loss, although self-professed ‘almost mother-of-loss’, Christin Coralive. It is interesting to note that she and I were the only adoptees to attend the hearing of evidence by the Senators conducting the Inquiry into forced adoption in Adelaide. Christin, by all accounts was adopted in Victoria, her home State and a State she favours over any other, if her comments are to be believed. I gave my evidence ‘in camera’, after my request was granted by the Senators and the room cleared, apart from the Senators themselves and a small handful of Inquiry staff and my family. Christin was asked to leave the room and later witnessed me being interviewed by a reporter from a country-wide newspaper. For the record, they didn’t run my interview, as I guessed they wouldn’t – good practise for cub reporters only and I’ve been there before! Christin and I met for the first and only time that day, briefly and I thought with civility. She was to state much, much later, that she had me picked that day for an agent of the State or some such! If my friends get to hear about this or the FBI or the data collecting agencies in Britain and Australia, it will be enough to make Ed Snowdon laugh!
Hope to be back to posting soon. There have been many distractions of late, including my beautiful Daughter’s birthday, an important one and one which needed attention and input. I have been compiling the playlist of her life,at her request, a great project and a reflection of her eclectic tastes in music. As a child she had a huge repertoire of songs and remembers most of them still. As a 7 year old she gave a heart-stopping solo and unaccompanied performance of a very well-known and popular song…there wasn’t a dry eye around. The memories abound and it was an enjoyable and sometimes informative and educational excursion through iTunes and my Daughter’s more recent adult years. The longer we live it seems the more we share – who could ask for anything better than that?


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