Human trafficking: preying on expecting moms

Adoption=human trafficking.

Lara Trace Hentz

917dd-childcatchers-2131By Lara/Trace

At this point in my research into human trafficking, I am looking at the billion dollar adoption industry tactics to convince mothers who are expecting to give up their newborn by using coercion, isolation, promises and careful maneuvers to guarantee the mother is going to go through with the transaction. I call this child trafficking because money is exchanged for the sale of an infant (commodity), coordinated by the adoption agency and/or lawyers (brokers) who collect fees from the future adoptive parents (buyers). It is like a real estate deal. You have a product, your house. The brokers and agencies have a buyer and charge money to make the transaction happen.

In recent cases like Veronica Brown (Capobianco), the lawyers and Nightlight Adoption Agency prey on the birthmother Christy by having her cut off all contact with Dusten Brown, birthfather. They might promise an open adoption but…

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