On trauma, memory, community, place. | 29/31

“Adoption cast me in this role I never asked for.

In a wretched stage play that I now deem over and done with”

Daniel Drennan ElAwar

The following is from a series of musings on trauma, memory, community, and place. The introduction to the series and beginning essay [link] explains the purpose of this month of entries.

I remember working in a theater in Paris.

How I got the job was due to a misperception of identity.

At the time I lived on the Île Saint-Louis.

As romantic as this sounds, I should explain that my apartment was in an ancient stone building that formerly had been a convent.

I lived in a top-floor maid’s room.

My arms outstretched, I could touch both walls at the same time.

The “Turkish toilet” was public and down the hall.

In the winter I had to insulate the whole thing with cardboard.

It was a hole.

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