Early Autumn – concupiscence and clichés

Francis on concupiscence and Autumn Colour!

Francis Pryor - In the Long Run

I suppose it’s inevitable, as more and more of the population moves indoors and experiences reality through digital media, that everything we take for granted now, will eventually become labelled and branded. So autumn is increasingly becoming the season of Colour. It’s an aspect of modern life I detest, but after repeated iteration who can be bothered even to growl under their breath when they hear the latest disaster served up to them as the ‘BBC News’. ‘No,’ I used to shout at the radio when the branding in question first happened, ‘The tsunami that has just hit Japan is news, pure and simple.’ The fact that it has been packaged and edited by the BBC does not give them control or copyright over the content, the news items themselves: that terrible tsunami was an act of nature and could never have been created by even the most powerful, over-paid…

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