CADS and Unbounders

Love this man!

Francis Pryor - In the Long Run

Oh dear these clever titles are becoming addictive. For those younger than sixty, the title of this post is a clever/terrible (delete as applicable) pun on the Edwardian London Gentlemen’s Club-land saying: ‘I say, old chap you’re behaving like a cad and a bounder…’ It should be declared in a bored voice by a chinless wonder in a dinner jacket (Tuxedo in the US), holding a glass of port and looking down his aquiline nose at an ‘oik’ (or ‘pleb’ in Tory-speak) who has just pinched (in the sense of stolen, rather than having applied firm pressure to a fold of buttock, or skin) his girlfriend. My favourite dictionary, Webster’s New World, defines ‘cad’ as: ‘man or boy whose behaviour is not gentlemanly’ and ‘bounder’ as: ‘[Chiefly Brit. Colloq.] a man whose behaviour is ungentlemanly; cad.’ So they’re essentially synonyms. Somehow Webster always manages to de-pomposify, to coin a…

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