DNA incapable

Where is the gene for creativity? If creative works (songs, poems, fiction novels, etc.) are merely the work of mechanistic brains following genetic instructions, then all the lifelong works of creative individuals (musicians, artists, novelists, etc.) must somehow be encoded in the DNA before birth. Where is all this creativity encoded?http://www.naturalnews.com/042260_genetics_myths_Human_Genome_Project_morphic_resonance.html
Now there’s an interesting thought! All those predictions about understanding DNA and all we thought it contained, were just another item on the wish list of scientists. Life couldn’t be that simple, that easy to unpick and that reachable by our little brains, our still large egos and our eternal optimism. For the cynical, those things may have seemed like false promises, ambitious feelers for research funding and ways to ensure a place in the laboratories for the duration of the career in science. However we all know it has almost always been one of man’s dearest wishes to understand how humans and every other living thing works!
I came across a pair of books on the bookcase the other day on how living creatures function. It was for a young audience and I remember being enthralled by it for years as a child. It explained patiently, carefully and in eloquent language just how living things were categorised according to their functions and perceived abilities. Looking back now, I see it was also a careful lead up to how human beings function and reproduce and the ground work was there for enquiring young minds to form questions and to wonder. There was nothing there to frighten or amaze or to disbelieve, as my young daughter did when I thought she was asking The Big Question. I got it totally wrong and after a shortish explanation, she looked at me in total disbelief and said “You’re kidding me!” It can be a tough one for adults – judging the right moment, interpreting the question and deciding what it is they really want and need to know at their age. How many of us get it right?


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