Who’s appropriating now?

Please read if you are an adoptee or an adopter -the dilemmas are a double whammy for most of us.


I’ve been wrangling with my discomfort at a recent Korean American / Korean Adopteee Diaspora / Korean Queer gathering in honor of a Korean holiday (Thanksgiving) NOT in Korea, and I realized that I never want to attend another gathering of people focused on identity exploration and culture embracing from abroad ever again.  I wrangled with that holiday while I was IN Korea as well.

Don’t get me wrong – the event was nice – but after over 4 years of living in my birth country, and then returning to my adopting country, it seems to me as if – there or here – the diasporic, displaced, or dispossessed searching to connect and identify with their severed roots can at best only culturally appropriate what they were severed from.  Even long time repatriates in our birth country fail miserably at true cultural literacy…and those abroad pantomime approximations of what they…

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