Gorilla named Patrick

Those of you who are older women or going to be older women or know one who is one day, could, like me, take a leaf out of the book of these amazing and inspirational women! From all walks of life and incomes, they demonstrate that style is nothing to do with money, but is all about choices. Do watch, there’s something for everyone here.

Those of you who have read here for a while know your Blogger abhors zoos. Here’s a prime example of the imposition of human attitudes being inflicted on intelligent animals who have been badly affected by incarceration. Poor Patrick!!

Gorilla named Patrick evicted from Dallas Zoo and sent to therapy for sexist attitude – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Reading here an article which wants us to believe adoption has changed – Adoption in America has changed vastly since the end of the so-called “Baby Scoop Era” in the early 1970s, when many pregnant young women were “sent away” and their babies offered up for adoption as a matter of course. Thanks to legalized abortion and a drastic lessening of the stigma against unwed mothers, the number of babies available domestically has been shrinking since the mid-’70s. Fifty years ago, about 9 percent of babies born to unmarried women were placed for adoption. Today that number is 1 percent. All in all, there are about 14,000 domestic infant adoptions a year, comprising only about 15 percent of U.S. adoptions. (The rest are from the foster care system, or are international That I’m sure many will say, is a gross over-simplification of the complexity of adoption. It has just changed it’s face. Stigma is alive and well and judging by the paragraph that follows, about a mother who has given four children to adoption, good contraceptive advice is hard to find and good counselling on the advisability of making children into adoptees is totally unavailable. As I once heard someone say – “Once is a tragedy, twice is careless, beyond that is pathological”.
All at http://www.newrepublic.com/article/114505/anti-adoption-movement-next-reproductive-justice-frontier
Right now your Blogger is struggling with an almost dead laptop. It has literally worn out. The letters have worn off the keys apart from Q, P, K and a few outside others. The letter ‘e’ is falling apart and in a very precarious state. A new laptop has been selected, but won’t be available until October 16th. Kind offers have been made and may need to be taken up, to cope with the interim. Either that or chose another model. Desperation will determine the outcome. We go from day to day! No-one in the vicinity wants to deal with an antsy blogger who can’t write and is suffering withdrawal symptoms through lack of an instrument. I don’t blame them, it’s not pretty!
Here in Australia we are suffering a new Government. It will be one of those that in a few years no-one will admit to voting in. Who will want to be responsible for bringing in a Government with no compassion, no social graces, no ability to schmooze, no negotiating skills and no diplomatic finesse? A Government that is making mistake after mistake, the sort that make you cringe and wonder how they can be so stupid, so ignorant and so unskilled. Let it be on record that most of us are ashamed, embarrassed and horrified at the current turn of events. Their only saving grace is that they can’t possibly remain for long.
Have a peaceful Sunday. I know many of you who are adoptees have been triggered/angered/disgusted/frustrated and have had many other reactions to the recent turn of events in the long-drawn out, expensive and sometimes inexplicable case of Ronnie Brown, Little Star, now an adoptee in the care of adopters who seem to have no concept of the best interests of the child, no respect for her biological connections or heritage. Adoption is not only complex it is sometimes breathtakingly unjust. Some of you I know are now thinking of your own welfare, stepping back and taking a break to get your breath, regain your balance and I wish you well in that and hope you will come back stronger than ever. We are not just survivers but thrivers and experiences such as this recent one serve to make us more determined, stronger and more able to show others the injustices of adoption. Take care, look after yourselves……


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