A New Low for Adoption? A New Sign of Hope? Or More Backlash?

Racism is alive and well. Adoption has not changed and is corrupt as ever.


I feel it almost gratuitous or senseless to post this update on the legal fandango, all done openly and above board, in the public theft of Veronia from the Cherokee Nation, but nonetheless, the discourse of the article still seems so rich and impenetrable (see here):

In the context of that “victory,” however, what I more want to draw highlight involves the renewed and still increasing enthusiasm for further disenfrancising North American people by so-called evangelicals (see here). Daniel likes to ask “how low can they go”; I think we have a new low mark:

Motivated by their faith in God and a distrust of federal Indian policies, a few evangelical organizations are campaigning to abolish the federal Indian Child Welfare Act at the heart of the dispute.

Evangelicals, who have recently seized on adoption of orphaned children as a moral imperative, want fewer barriers to providing Native…

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