“Jane isn’t advocating for women and giving them more choice, this is one vengeful adoptee trying to force women into humiliation and stigma and self-debasement that they would otherwise live without if not for the new laws that she vengefully pushed forth.
Jane might think she’s entitled to the nurture and love and relationship with her birth mother, but she isn’t. I understand she has a relationship with that woman, but that’s only because the birth mother choose so. You can’t legislate how women use their bodies and you can’t coerce love and nurture and relationship. To do so will simply turn women into oppressed farmed animals, and turn motherhood into a farce

When adult adoptees commit themselves to working for change, this is the sort of thing that gets thrown at them!! I think many would believe that when a woman gives birth, the child is entitled to love and nurture and if that is not possible, the woman should not have given birth! Yes, life is complicated and so is responsibility! We adoptees who are involved in activism of any kind to do with adoption come to expect that there will be those who will attempt to disempower us at every turn. How sad when it is mothers of loss who are in the front line trying to shoot us down.
Here’s a useful website primarily for American adoptees, but something for everyone here – http://bandbacktogether.com/adult-adoptees-resources
Finally,we have a well-known Aussie adoptee writing about his adopted life in a book due out in October. Support our Aussie author and buy his book!


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