It’s a small world after all.

“just because an adoptee managed to make sense of their life is not an argument for adoption; and just because each of us, confronted by the rather wicked ironies of life itself is not an argument for suffering in life”



Over the years I’ve been cataloguing blogs of adoptive parents who in any way mention dolls. For example, here is a site [link] where the adoptive mother is looking to purchase an “Asian” doll (whatever that even means) for the VietNamese girl currently in her care. Another [link] allows a “mother” (scare quotation marks theirs) to choose a child according to race-based criteria (“light”, “medium”, “dark”, and “Asian”). In this news story [link], children “adopt” dolls which include “certificates and decrees that go with the procedure”. It wasn’t until I got to this web site, Chocolate Hair/Vanilla Care [link], which includes people searching for “AA” dolls (I’m assuming this means African-American in adoption-speak) that I saw the disturbing correlation between dolls and adoptees come full circle. I think it is fair to say that the minimal effort made here at being “racially…

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