Peaceful Parenting and Taking a Stand.

As a parent you are providing the most important service in the world, and your child entered into the relationship involuntarily. Shouldn’t we strive to provide our children with the best service and life possible? They didn’t ask when to be born, or how, or into what family: they had no choice. And as parents, we should provide our children with the safest environment possible, they are growing individuals who are at their most defenseless state, and they need our protection and guidance.
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While I thoroughly agree with the above and with the concept of peaceful parenting, I sometimes wonder if articles like this one are preaching to the converted. How likely is it that a violent, abusive parent, a parent who believes in religious chastisement or a parent who believes ‘a good smack doesn’t hurt’ will give up their abusive ways, a life-time of belief in the way they were parented or the practise of what their mentors and role-models tell them is correct?
Every generation likes to ‘invent’ what it believes is a new approach, an improved way to raise children and to rediscover tried and tested methods. That is excellent because it means they will ‘own’ the ideas, the practices and invest in their success. Another generation will benefit and perhaps go on to raise their children non-violently, with care and respect. It sometimes looks like a loosing battle in a world that values war, violent games and disrespect for others and in a world where even the land we live on is abused, raped and held hostage. Someone has to take a stand – are you?

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