Ugliest Animal – Prettiest Cheese

Monet 002Here at Poddler’s Creek it’s a bright sunny day and the feel in the air is of Spring disappearing fast, the fresh greenery turning to wilted weeds and the Spring flowers fading before long. Right now we have Arum lilies, nasturtiums, roses, honeysuckle, lavenders, wallflowers, geraniums, daisies and the little iris I remember and love from childhood, Iris vulgaris, I think it’s called. It remains fresh and pretty, tucked away in it’s moist nest of leaves until the sun and warm winds find it out. Once the flowers are gone the leaves are tough and quite drought resistent. In the garden of my childhood we had a border along a pathway under Silver Birches, very elegant.
If ever a cheese was elegant, it is the Monet, so called because of it’s floral adornment. Meant to be girly, it is apparently bought by more men than women. Whoever is buying it, they’re surely enjoying it for it’s fresh cheese flavour and delicacy. It’s delicious with a good Moscato, but sadly I can’t drink these days due to my medication. I can still enjoy a box of Monet,(, all the more because it is seasonal and will be gone before we know it.
I had a wonderful morning at the Farmer’s Market yesterday, relaxed and unhurried, time to browse for the really seasonal goodies – fish, baby leeks, petite cauliflowers and a Savoy cabbage to stuff and slow cook all day to a Hungarian recipe I’ve been using since I began cooking in my own kitchen nearly 50 years ago. I make it only once or twice a year because it is a bit of a fuss, but worth the effort once you master trussing a round object with cooking string! A quick count tells me I’ve cooked in around 11 or 12 kitchens in that time, kitchens I could call my own, paint yellow as I always have and arrange my favourite things around me. These days I’ve gone quite girly with a Monet theme, lots of photos of Monet’s garden at Giverny and my special favourite, my own Daughter in Monet’s garden and kitchen. If you’ve seen pictures of his kitchen you’ll note it is yellow, always an inspiration and a joy!
Seen widely this week, this poor creature comes from my part of the world. I feel some affinity with it, I feel in some way protective and that this idea of naming animals according to how ugly you think they are, indicates very clearly that the ugliest animal on earth is certainly the human being! Hands down, no need to question that one! Have a relaxed Sunday!

The Ugliest Animal in the World | Care2 Healthy Living.


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