The Aching Heart

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The Almost Daughter & More

Image       For the last few days I have been re-reading my 2nd memoir  The Wall of Secrets.  I have been deciding on quotes and chapter titles and reading yet again the journey I have taken, so far.

There is an ache in my heart.  One that won’t go away.  No it’s not physical, nor is it spiritual.  I can’t quite describe it.  It’s an ache of loss.  An ache of abandonment.  An ache that ebbs and flows as the tides of the ocean but never quite goes away.  An Adoptee Ache.

A friend recently lost a child.  Another friend lost their First Mother/Birth Mother, as I have.  Lost without the answers.  Lost without the knowing or experiencing a Mother’s love.

When your heart breaks, in love, in friendship, in partnership and most of all in the loss of your mother, its very difficult and painful.  When…

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