Breast Envy

More and more information is coming out about the connection between health and gut bacteria and diversity. It is beginning to look as if those little chaps in our guts so easily killed off by antibiotics, are more vital to our health and well-being that we had ever imagined or that Big Pharma ever wanted us to know.
When looking just at the obese people in the study, the scientists found the people with the least bacterial diversity were likelier than those with a greater variety of microbes to keep gaining weight during the nine years the researchers kept track.
Perhaps even more surprising and important: People who had less microbial diversity — whatever their weight — were more likely to have a variety of risk factors for Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Those risk factors included insulin resistance and inflammation

Diverse Gut Microbes, A Trim Waistline And Health Go Together : Shots – Health News : NPR.

If you are an adoptee and searching for good health, you may find as I have, that the answers to what ails you and how to recover from it, lie in your own hands and that you will have to deal with it as best you can and in the end probably much more effectively than the medics, if it is complicated or hard to fathom.
I have just re-read Gene Stratton-Porter’s The Harvester for the umpteenth time. I have my aGrandfather’s copy carefully signed with his name. The book came out in 1902. I have read that copy many times, but now have in on Kindle, where I read it often for the beautiful descriptions of plants, birds and work of The Harvester, a medicine man of skill and dedication. In his absence in real life I imagine what he would have done to restore me to full health and follow my own guidance as best I can. I live a good life in a place of peace and beauty; I eat good food, by which I mean organic, fresh food grown locally since I can no longer grow my own; I sit in the sun when I can; I exercise gently; sleep with a clear conscience; love and learn; owe nobody and keep my brain exercised frequently.
Part of that brain exercise is trying to find out what is wrong with me. It appears that I have an extreme Vitamin D deficiency, a severe Vitamin B12 deficiency and a gut problem which is so far unexplained and may be something beyond the knowledge, so far, of the medics who have seen me and there have been many. Each day I see a slight improvement and hope that one day I will return to the activities I once enjoyed. Nothing has taken away my enjoyment of a good book, a good blog, a good movie, a good comedy, a good outing or a good feed! The last 9 or 10 months have seen me changing from a state in which it was thought I would die, to relative good health and mobility. The will to live is strong and can overcome if it is given every encouragement.
And so to something which is apparently helping those who are struggling nutritionally –
The USA is the home of “capitalism without morality!” How else do you get a fast food industry that serves toxic, chemically-altered, nutritionally-depleted foods that cause widespread chronic disease? How else do you get a soda industry whose products cause diabetes and whose refined sweeteners laced with mercury?
If there’s an encyclopedia entry for “capitalism without morality,” it should feature the pictures of all the Goldman Sachs insiders who always seem to end up running the Fed, or the Treasury, or other investment firms. Wall Street is the epitome of capitalism without morality.
By comparison, a woman who accepts honest money to deliver an honest product — human breast milk — is sitting atop a mountain of morality compared to a typical Wall Street bankster who loses other people’s money for profit. What on Earth is immoral about selling Mother Nature’s nutrition to people who need it? Isn’t that actually a pure form of honest capital?’>Chinese adults hire wet nurses to provide human breast milk on demand as \\\'Mother Nature\\\'s smoothie\\\'.

There are aways those who will get a nasty dose of the squeams when faced with anything about breasts fulfilling their designed purpose. I don’t suppose they will get over it any day soon, or in the distant future. I would love to know how many of them were breastfed and how many put on the bottle! Surely we are not seeing a nasty dose of breast envy?


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