“They Called Me Brent”

Steve Brewer’s book on his adopted life is out shortly. Not available from Amazon etc as it will be an Indie publication. He says –
I want adoptive parents to have something to read so they might be able to understand their child’s feelings when they feel helpless. Most importantly I want everyone to know its okay to talk about and even laugh about adoption.

Fictional Candy: Interview with Steve Brewer, author of They Called Me Brent.

I’m looking forward to reading this one and so relish the idea of it being ok to laugh about adoption. It is the next step forward and one adoptees are taking tentatively at times but it is happening more and more as we live to see that there is life after adoption, that it doesn’t go away, but we can live with it all the better for being able to laugh about it.
I’m trying very hard to like the ABC’s Upper Middle Bogan, (http://www.abc.net.au/iview/?series=3815240#/series/3815240) a comedy series with an LDA as the central character. Something about it doesn’t gel for me and get me laughing as it could. It is a bit heavy handed, ponderous and takes the adoption line too seriously. Serious subjects like adoption need a light touch, they need to be leavened by other subject matter and shown as part of life, one of many other human predicaments. Another of the ABC’s productions The Time of Our Lives gets it just right, with an adoptee as a central character, her losses and reunion movingly portrayed. It is entirely believable and the tears flow, the laughter follows.


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