Life in a Bubble

You can all guess my views on this tragic case by now I expect, although I’ve written about it only once, sparingly. There must have been millions of words written about this case, the people involved and the outcomes other people believe are right, just or fair. Little seems to have been written about what is truly best for the child at the centre of it all. It saddens me greatly to see that those who support Veronica have seen fit to write something in which adults speak, supposedly in her voice, for her. Nit picking? No. If I wanted to pick nits I’d go for the spelling – ‘break my heart into’?? Into what? It’s not cute, helpful or accurate. For way too long others have been speaking for adoptees and this is a prime example of that – infantilisation, adoptism, disempowerment or an example of an adoptee being commodified and ‘owned’ by all, now that she will forever be in the public arena. How will she ever live a ‘normal’ life? She won’t, whatever the outcome, she’ll be scrutinised, made an example of, become a celebrity, live in a bubble, be driven crazy, maybe write a book and a thousand other possibilities. She’s already being described as ‘a star’ and numerous other things, being owned by others, fought over by people who don’t know her and opinions expressed about her care and future by people who don’t know her and may never know her as a real live person with feelings, opinions, worries, hopes and dreams. It is to be hoped all of it can be kept away from her so that she can have some sort of childhood. Even my few words contribute to the tide, the tsunami which will have the potential to overwhelm her at some time in the future when she becomes aware of this time in her life in a different way from how she must be experiencing it now, today. May she find stability, peace and a happy childhood, before it is eaten up by adults fighting, standing their ground, acting outside her best interests.
For those of you who are choc addicts, chocaholics, just like chocolate, or need an excuse because it is medicinal, this one’s for you –
For nearly 3500 years the world has indulged in chocolate; chocolate bars, candy kisses, hot cocoa, chocolate ice-cream and numerous other forms. The idea of a chocolate treat is far from a modern one. The use of chocolate began in the New World with the ancient Olmec civilization (1500 BC-500 BC) in Mesoamerican and continued on through the time of the Maya and Aztecs before making its trek across to the Old World in the 16th century.<p>Medicinal and Ritualistic Uses for Chocolate in Mesoamerica | HeritageDaily – Latest Archaeology News and Archaeological Press Releases.


2 thoughts on “Life in a Bubble

  1. That little girl will surely google herself one day, likely before she even starts high school, and will see just who her soon-to-be adoptive parents really are: babystealers. Intentional, purposeful babystealers!

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