The Death of the LGA Blog

Message from Kevin – no! Not that Kevin – Kevin Haebeom Vollmers, Founder of Land of a Gazillion Adoptees

At the end of Neil Gaiman’s monumental Sandman series, its protagonist – Dream – ceases to exist.  Another aspect of him replaces the original, aka Morpheus.  Many believe that Dream/Morpheus may have planned the “death” all along.

When I started the Land of Gazillion Adoptees (LGA) blog, I knew at some point, most likely in three years, that the blog would transition into something else.  Its death was inevitable; that inevitability has transpired.  After today, this blog will no longer exist.  Sooner than expected, it has become Gazillion Voices, which has received rave reviews and great press.  And in the coming months, individuals visiting this url– – will see something completely different, something that reflects the “new” LGA.  Bittersweet.  Indeed.

I’m incredibly thankful for the LGA blog.  Like a true friend, it grew with me, transformed me, supported me, instructed me, guided me, introduced me to new friends…

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