Centenarians and Confidential Massage

Morning here at Poddler’s Creek. Still cold, still Winter, but all the signs of Spring are here. The jonquils are flowering, the almond blossom is out and there are a few early roses, tricked into bloom by an unseasonal warm spell we had a while back. It is lighter in the mornings and dark comes around six now. My busy time comes at that end of the day since the fox claimed three of the goose flock. All of them younger geese, but during that time Ella, the Matriarch has somehow broken a toe and since geese don’t have many toes, that can be difficult! I have been keeping them in and fortunately their house is large, with plenty of room to poddle. They tolerate it well, feel safe and are very accepting of the circumstances. Around feeding time, I let them out for a supervised walk and swim in the dam which they appreciate and enjoy to the maximum. There is plenty of flapping and honking! At the end of it all, as dark comes, they very obediently file back into their house for grain and some tipbits – apples, celery, vegetable peelings, bacon rinds and leftovers.
Life poddles on for us all here at Poddler’s Creek and is pleasant and fulfilling. Having my beloved Daughter here has been a joy, as we settle into new routines and enjoy family life as adults. We are even planning a holiday together for my next big birthday! Sharing the day to day events, the minor achievements, as well as the major, the adventures and the learning has been a significant part of my continued recovery. There are many things I can no longer do, but so many things I can do and I am, as I settle in to this new stage of life which retains many of the elements of the old life, the things I value and can retain. I am learning to live with disability, to live with my limitations and embrace the new opportunities and possibilities. I now feel comfortable laughing heartily at jokes made by people with disabilities about disabilities and am encouraged to make my own jokes. In laughter we learn, we relax and accept. I greatly admire comedian Adam Hills for his contribution to this area and hope to see him continue for many years and series to come.

I am hoping to reach a ripe old age using some of these tips from centenarians! There are some surprising results and it probably goes to show we all need to eat a little, or a lot, of what we enjoy most, as long as it is real food and of course I include chocolate in that!

Favorite Foods of 5 Famous Centenarians | Care2 Healthy Living.

I was interested to receive this email the other day and appalled to see the depths to which people will sink in order to screw money out of the unwary. We must all be familiar with this kind of thing now but this one certainly wins my award. The ‘confidential massage’ has me intrigued too! As my old Granny would have said “Ee, but you’ve got to larf!” –
Dear Thank you for your mail and i will appreciate your fast respond to my email I am Mrs Alinma Abdul from London United Kingdom I am married to Late Mr Abdulhaq Adama of blessed memory who was a well known Gold dealer from Kuwait to London for through out his life before he died in the year 2010. We where married for 11 years without a child.
Before his sudden death we where devoted Muslims When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of One Million British Pound Sterling (£ GBP) in a fix deposit account with one of the banks there in London using my name as the beneficiary since we could not bear a child,
Presently this money is still with the bank in United Kingdom and i am very sick from cancer of the lug despite the fibroid and tumor which denied me a child when my husband was alive as a result i may not last till the next two months according to my doctor report so i want to donate to a Muslims organization or individual who will use it to work for Allah and i have chose you after making several praying consultations.
I want this money to be sheared among the next privileged since i do not have a child to inherit it and my late husband relatives are all Non-believers and i don’t want my husbands heard earn money to be used by unbelievers since I am sure that they will not utilize the money in the way I have directed to.Hence the reason for taking this bold decision. I know that after death I will be with Allah the most holy and the most merciful.
It is a very important confidential massage that i will like to tell you more about it so get in touch with me so that i can fully detail you what i choose you for and as well give you a little knowledge on how to achieve it.
Any delay in your respond will give me room to seek for another Moslems organization or individual for this same purpose.
Until i hear from you my dreams lay hugely on your shoulders I am waiting to read from you.
This is My Private Email

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