She’s a Bastard

“Some studies have shown that the unborn child is acutely aware of the mother’s emotional stress and feelings toward the fetus, just as a child that is born to a mother full of wanting and love can feel the sense of pleasure. For the unwanted the feeling is one of fear of death. Already feeling, knowing rejection”
But now “the Bastard is thriving” in a community of thriving Bastards. We’re doing our best, living our lives, understanding adoption as we never have before.

The Almost Daughter & More

ImageShe’s around five in this picture.  The “she” being me of course.

 So many things are happening in the adoption world right now. The Baby Veronica case brings many tears.  We are fighting for the right to have our Birth Certificates, our history, our medical information.

 Imagine!  Not even allowed to exist on paper in a “real way”.  The pieces of paper issued all those many years ago were false.  They were made to look like the ones taking us home were are “real parents”.  I was a no-name baby.  One that was never seen, nor held, nor touched by love, nor given a name.  A name is an important piece of who we are.  Our identity is behind it.  Our history and nationality, our existence.  All in a name.  A name that is put on the original birth certificate.  The one we never got. Unless, like me you didn’t…

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