The Child Birth Photograph – Victoria Berekmeri, Adelaide Birth Photographer

“I had an amazing collection of opinions and stories shared on my business page that were amazing fodder for contemplation and social consideration which unfortunately have been lost after the image was reported and pulled off by the faceless Facebook merchants! This is the most damaging example of censorship so far because it has not only removed the image but the hundreds of heartfelt thoughts and opinions of all those brave and inspired enough by this image to jump in and play their part in changing societies view on birth.”

Adelaide Birth Photographer - Victoria Berekmeri


Birth is clearly an emotive subject for so many people and passion bubbles up quite remarkably for some. To be honest – I LOVE that! It is something I’m clearly passionate about myself which I choose to express through my craft. But there are several various issues regarding my print and really, it’s not about the fact that it was taken down, but more so about why it was put back up.

The general media is missing out on a profound story in my opinion (which is possibly my own doing because I chose to not express my thoughts prior to having a good chance to consider them). Yes, at first it was about censorship at a local level – the result of a culmination of coincidental happenings where blame and finger pointing seemed more important and dramatic to everyone else. With fascination…

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