Smith’s Adopt a White Baby

This amazing birth photo has won an award and a complaint from some life and joy denying prude who had it taken down. It has now been rehung, but covered, with a warning, just so it doesn’t upset families, students and children – the very people who would benefit from seeing it and hearing the wonderful story of this baby’s survival. What is the world coming to when the tiny minority of people with difficulties in accepting life, it’s beauty and it’s reality, dictate to the rest of us and decide what we can view and what we cannot?
“We are super excited that we’ll be adding another source of joy to our lives,” Jada and Will told People columnist Maya Gallo. “We have visited Nicolae dozens of times and he’s just a lovely, wonderful baby. I’m sure he’s as excited as we are that he’ll be coming home with us.”

Will and Jada Smith Adopt a White Baby – Celebrity Gosssip – Codewit World News.

Dontcha love this story – there has been much speculation about whether it is for real or a piece of satire. Adoptionland is so satirical these days it is hard to tell, as it is regularly and insistently self-satirising, ridiculous in it’s ascertions, unbelievable in it’s intent and promises..
I could believe everything to be written here as the truth, because that is how far American adoption has gone in promoting the wonderful world of adoption fantasy, the Disneyland version of family creation and the unicorn and rainbows idea of what adoption is for adoptees. A baby excited to be ‘coming home’ – I don’t think so! He has his role already mapped out for him just as all adoptees do and if it is a spoof, it is accurate and spot-on with the assumptions, expectations and unreality. Happy weekend!


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