Fertility Surprises

art-ashtonagar-620x349I doubt there is a person in Australia who has not woken up this morning unfamiliar with the name Ashton Agar! For those of you who are not cricket fans or find the game mystifying, Ashton is a bright young player selected for the first time to play in a Test Match. He went on to the field a relative unknown as a bowler and came off with a reputation for being a bit of a batsman, an instant legend and in the record books. He did it with aplomb, kept his cool and got out with a bit of a grin and a little shrug. Very stylish! Hopefully he is the new face of cricket and will have a long and illustrious career, we could do with one of those right now!
Over at http://www.laura-dennis.com/3-ways-first-mothers-commit-soul-suicide an interesting post which is producing some comments. Good luck to Laura for being brave enough, or foolish, enough to post on mothers and their souls! In my experience it is hard to achieve any shift in the bedrock, although there may be a bit of surface movement some times. It seems that it constantly needs to be stated that there is no competition in suffering, all pain and loss are hard. In the end I’ve discovered that mothers don’t get it either – adoption for adoptees that is – at least I’ve never found one who really does, although I know some who get close to it. That adoption propaganda is so strong and has been believed for so long that many still cannot comprehend that adoption is a loss for adoptees too! We loose our identity, life, history, family, heritage, sometimes culture, language, religion and country. We have that taken from us with no choice and are assigned a new life which we are expected to embrace with gratitude. No wonder we like to exercise some choice once we are able to. Have you ever noticed that it is the mothers who complain the loudest and longest about reunion not meeting their needs, who have adult offspring who don’t want to meet them? Or back away after meeting or need plenty of time to process what is happening in reunion? Good to see these areas of adoption being aired and we have a way to go yet. Buckle up, it’s going to be a long, long ride! I doubt I’ll be here to say “Are we there yet?”
This gem popped up this week –
the UN authors reported that they had raised by a full 5 percent their estimates of current fertility in 15 sub-Saharan African countries—-including Nigeria, Niger, Ethiopia, and the Congo—-where family size is already among the highest in the world.
Although the reasons behind the higher-than-expected fertility in many countries are not fully understood, they correlate well with recent government reluctance to give priority to and fund family planning services in some of the world’s poorest countries. Spending on family planning services in developing countries by governments, wealthier donor governments and intergovernmental agencies has stagnated in recent years at around $4 billion annually. More than twice that is needed to reach the estimated 222 million women who are sexually active and do not want to become pregnant but are not using contraception. About two out of five pregnancies worldwide are unintended—-in industrial countries as well as developing ones—-and more than one in five births worldwide results from such pregnancies

Fertility Surprises Portend A More Populous Future.

Some interesting figures there with some possible conclusions to be drawn. Children and babies are valuable commodities on the world market. You wouldn’t want to stop the production of what is for some countries a valuable export.
Have a happy weekend! I’m off to eat at a rather nice restaurant which gifted a surprise $200 voucher!! By chance it happens to be in the town where I was conceived. Maybe it’s my consolation prize?


One thought on “Fertility Surprises

  1. Thanks, Von for the discussion — I agree, there’s no competition to the pain, and yet when adoptees are put in a position where they feel like they have to defend themselves, it makes them second guess their experiences.

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