A Week’s a Long Time

Dalai_Lama_650What a week it has been and not quite over yet! A week tomorrow, our city was visited for the first time in 21 years by the Dalai Lama, who’s words of wisdom and peace gave hope and comfort in harsh times. He was welcomed with a Civic Reception and presented by one of our Independent Senators with one of our national icons, an Akubra, which he wore and we viewed with pride. Simple things!
They say a week is a long time in politics. Yesterday in politics, in my country,it was a very long day. It saw our first female Prime Minister ousted by the former Prime Minister, a vain and meddlesome man who it seems is impossible to work with, cannot delegate and works his staff impossibly hard, only to leave their reports sitting on his desk for weeks. There have been an unprecedented number of resignations by people who cannot and will not work with him. He believes wrongly that the people want him to lead them to the next election. Some of the people, some of the time maybe, but many find him false, devious and untrustworthy – a bit like politicians the world over! It has certainly been an interesting time in our political history and one we will be rehashing and trying to make sense of for a long time to come. No doubt the former Prime Minister, the former First Man and the former First dog Reuben will be packing up to leave The Lodge very soon to go into retirement and a new phase of their lives.The women of Australia will wish them well and most are pleased to have had some areas of political life opened up for much needed discussion. The Women’s Mags will be as they say, spewing, to have missed this scoop and be looking silly with a now outdated story before they even hit the newstands. Oh dear!! Never mind Murdoch and Fairfax presses, no doubt you will survive!
It was with great sadness that fans of Time Team learned this week of the sudden death of Professor Mick Aston, a gentle, kind man of humour and generosity.Time Team was in part his idea and ran successfully for 20 seasons until some media wonk decided they knew better than to continue. The millions of fans knew better and the dumbed down program doesn’t really fly. I knew Mick a little as a young man before he became a well-known Prof and TV personality. All that changed was his knowledge, his jumpers and his hair!
Here at Poddler’s Creek it has been wonderful to begin to pick up the reins again after a long bout of illness lasting about two years. I am not out of the woods yet, but can see the trees. The nerve damage to my feet and legs may be lasting and permanent, we won’t know for at least another six months, but I seem to have found some better pain relief at last enabling me to do more and become more active again. With help, I am keeping house, which pleases me and brings simple satisfaction and achievement. Best of all, I am able to take care of my geese at least once a day and they are appreciative and enthusiastic. They are particularly talkative and have a great deal to say. I’m glad I paid attention long ago when I had my first two geese and learned to speak Goose. Those first geese are still with me and being hand raised, expect certain privileges and concessions, due to their status, age and confidence. They get first dip into the feed bucket and allow themselves to be stroked for a few moments. Their feathers are like silk, carefully arranged to repel water and make them buoyant in their natural medium. It is a joy to watch them on water; they frolic, joke and play and also have times of great serenity, when they sail as a group with grace and dignity. What a great pleasure it is to share their lives, to know most of them from the point of hatching and to see them grow into fine, strong birds who need never fear the Christmas season!
The other great pleasure in my life is to have my Daughter at home for a time and to be sharing her days, to be able to discuss in detail things of mutual interest, to learn new things from each other and to watch her making changes in her life. Learning never stops if we’re lucky and are open to it.
I am most proud of my motherhood. I achieved it seemingly against all odds and overcame the effects of adoption after a struggle and some revelations. Adoptees with difficulties with bonding and fear of attachment need to work particularly hard to become successful parents. Perhaps we never fully overcome the primal wound, but we need to take a good try at it for the sake of the next generations.
Those adopters who blithely believe the adoptees in their care are ‘fine’, ‘happy’ and ‘well adjusted’ or that ‘adoption is different now’ may discover one day, if they are trusted enough, how very wrong they were.
It has been another great pleasure to now be well enough to think about writing again for the communal blog ‘Lost Daughters’ at http://www.lostdaughters.com. If you haven’t found this blog yet, do stop by for a wealth of information, wonderful writing and moving accounts of the adopted life by my adoptee sisters.


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