Cycles of Life

What an extraordinary week it has been! It has taken your blogger a few days to let events ‘jel’ and settle into words for a post. I’ve had to sleep on it and let the patterns emerge. It has reminded me of the days when I used to make quince jelly and the hot fruit was tipped into the jelly bag to drain. The resulting goodness made it’s way at it’s own pace out of the fruit and when ready would be boiled up and would set into a jelly that smelled like Heaven and had the colour of Argyle diamonds without the sharp brilliance. The colour was so beautiful I could not bear to put away the little pots of delightfulness for a few days and would always place one on the window sill to catch the light and give off it’s jewel-like pinkiness – a pleasing reminder of Autumn fruitfulness, abundance and the thankfulness of plenty. This has been a week of plenty, thankfulness and abundance.
As you probably know I have a policy of not posting photos of children, unknown distressed children who are adoptees or potential adoptees, children deemed ‘orphans’ by a greedy world waiting to consume them. This baby is much-loved, wanted and welcomed into my family. This is the first birth for nearly thirty years and this is a child who will never know the traumas of adoption, the loss of the love of parents. This child will have security, the love of all the family, now made large by the marriage of parents and the joining of cultures and traditions. This is indeed a fortunate child who will experience family life in safety and love. We are blessed with this new life, the beginnings of a new cycle of living, learning, loving.
And then there was this man – just ‘a simple, monk’ as he describes himself. A man who believes that if he sees himself always as HH The Dalai Lama, a Nobel Peace Laureate and so on, he will imprison himself behind the bars of self-importance. He spoke most movingly of the importance of parental love, of bonding and the significance of attachment and of the healing powers of friendship. He spoke with great humour of his bodily functions, rocking with laughter and causing the audience of 5,000 to do the same. In the way of all talented and experienced speakers, he managed to make the message personal and to give everyone something to take away to ponder and to use in their lives. Your blogger has waited 21 years for this experience and what a useful wait it was and how much more I gained from the waiting. I was accompanied by a Daughter who enjoyed the experience as much as I did and who will never forget this occasion.
In that way that life has of being serendipitous, she received a message as we were listening to HH and on the way out as she checked it, we saw ahead of us a fellow student who had won the medal for best results in his Degree year. Once she responded to the message she discovered that there had been a mistake and that she too had won a medal for best results, but not been awarded it. Her medal is coming in the post with apologies! Not only was she invited to take Honours, but she got Firsts in her two Degrees and now a delayed medal!! Proud Mum? I should say so! Interesting time to discover? Indeed!
In that way that life has of surprising us, it was a week of great achievement, much if it about the achievement of others, of achievement at the micro level – small personal goals reached, tiny steps and breakthroughs, as well as the more visible on a macro level. However humbled we feel by recognition, validation and goals reached, it is courage and strength, facing fears and demons which often get us through, our own efforts, committment and determination which win the day. It was a week that served as a reminder that we sometimes have to wait for what we want, for the results of our actions and that above all it is family life, love and dedication which matter.


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