What’s Cooking Now?

Beryl's cat fridgeI wrote the piece below for Lost Daughters, the blog of adoptee bloggers, of which I am proud to be a member. It’s a ‘foodie’ post, but then it won’t be news to you that I’m a dedicated and committed foodie. These days I have the excuse that it’s genetic!
I have always looked forward to, or taken on eagerly, the challenges of foodie life. I love to eat, to try new food or a new place to eat and I like the preparation of a food I haven’t cooked before. You’d think at nearly 70 there wouldn’t be any untried foods left! It goes to show what a rich and diverse world we live in and how imaginative it’s inhabitants.
I am greatly looking forward to my Birthday treat next month, when I’m being taken to Fino for dinner, (http://fino.net.au/menu.php). It will be a ‘proper’ occasion, with Chef David Swain at the stoves, cooking up whatever food of the day has caught his attention or come his way. I used to supply him with goose eggs in season a few years ago and was thrilled when they were used to make giant ravioli for a very special event, a banquet for food writers, Chefs and those in the business of promoting good food. It will be a delight to be a customer instead of a supplier!
I currently have a new foodie challenge in hand. My beloved Daughter is at home for a time, unwell and needing to make some radical changes to her diet. Being a Mum never ceases, nor does caring for our offspring and wanting to help them when they need it. I’m delighting in her company and the opportunity to catch up properly. She’s a great cook and we work together effortlessly, without needing discussion. Right now she needs chicken soup and that’s what she’s getting!
We were thrilled last night to hear that our cousin and her husband are now the proud but exhausted parents of a baby boy, the first in our family for around 30 years! We’re not prolific producers and this one is very special, bringing together some diverse cultural threads, knitting them up into the beauty that is family life, if you’re lucky.
The thread that runs through my heritage, both sides, is in me, has found it’s place and explains one of the things that caused me to be the piece of the jigsaw that didn’t fit in to the space alloted for me as an adoptee. Part of me came home when I discovered not just one family, but both, had skills, enthusiasm and a love for food and cooking. As Davis Suzuki says, “our food is our medicine” and my discovery was certainly a big tonic!

Lost Daughters: What\'s Cooking?.


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