cunning linguist

we can do itI’m ‘in extremis’ today, but fortunately not with an ‘annus horribilis’ like poor old Her Maj was a few years ago when her mother and only sister died in the same year and life must have felt as if it was falling apart. Mine was caused by shopping without wheels and overdoing things. While I waited for the pain relief to relieve this morning and hoped for a Chai Latte, which always comforts and seems to speed the take-up of medication, I thought about my family, those near and dear to me, their troubles and joys and I wrapped it all round me like a warm, soft blanket. I was immediately comforted, felt safe and not adrift on a sea of pain. Chronic pain is a trial, as those of you who suffer from it will attest, I’m sure. Apart from medication, I have a host of relievers I call my ‘box of tricks’ or my ‘kitbag’ for dealing with whatever comes my way. In that ‘box of tricks’ is a long list of things which help and I’m always adding to it, assessing the contents for their continued usefulness and I try to keep a very open mind about what is added. It’s a simple idea but I recommend it to all sufferers as a useful way to control pain and help yourself when nothing else and no-one else does. I’m all for being in charge of my own pain and dealing with it in the best way I can, whatever that involves – sometimes a rubber mallet is tempting or a dive over a cliff, you sufferers will know those days well! Somehow we get through them without resorting to extreme measures! I use self-hypnosis on those days and it works well for me. I feel lucky to be so understood and supported by my family in ways which are empowering, enable me to be as independent as I can be and are respectful and fully behind my needs and rights as a disabled adult and also those of others.
It has been a day rich in pickings for post topics and I could have chosen any of a dozen, both from the news and my own recent experiences. However given my love of words, I simply could not resist this piece on Michael Douglas. No doubt there will be plenty of speculation and discussion, as there was over Angelina Jolie’s decision and surgical intervention. Not for any of us to judge, so I’ll ask one question only – how could anyone know which of their habits and predilections had been responsible for cancer, particularly when it is a virus we all carry which is the culprit, not necessarily what we do? Or have I read the science wrongly?
For those of you in Australia, ABC1’s program Australian Story this week was a much watch. It was the account of one woman’s double mastectomy experience and her determination to keep a photographic record which she hoped would inspire and comfort others. It was a journey of great challenges, courage and survival. She succeeded with humour, grace and dignity and will be an inspiration to all. It brought home to me and no doubt many others, how it can be done and is every day, by those who go about it quietly and out of the spotlight. They keep their integrity and their dignity and gain respect. Catch it on iview if you missed it.
Here’s what one journalist said about the cunning linguist
You’ll never hear the cancer industry empowering people with information about vitamin D for prevention, or how to select anti-cancer foods at the grocery store, or how to avoid cancer-causing chemicals in personal care products, cosmetics, hair dyes and laundry detergents. Nope, that information isn’t offered to you. Instead, you get treated to absolutely laughable nonsense like Michael Douglas saying his cancer was caused by some other woman’s crotch but not his smoking habit.http://Michael Douglas may be a cunning linguist, but his cancer explanations still make no sense.

If I could be bothered, I’d examine why he wishes to avoid the obvious contributors and why he really appears to be blaming of women and what that says about him. I’ll leave that for others or as one of my near and dear ones used to say, ‘talk to me about it when I’ve got less time’.
Have a great weekend! Here in Oz it’s a long weekend, a holiday weekend and we have a local festival of food and wine going on. My dear Daughter has promised an outing in her new car to hear some live music, eat some great food and enjoy the real world. It doesn’t get much better than that!


4 thoughts on “cunning linguist

  1. I figured he was maybe just another woman-hating asshole brought up by woman-hating assholes in a a woman-hating world full of assholes…but I’ll admit that’s my go-to explanation for almost everything. (-:

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