Oranges and Sunshine

Lara reviews here the movie “Oranges and Sunshine”, a must watch for all. Given the subject, it is gentle, amusing in parts and approached with the greatest of sensitivity. Definitely on my list of the top films of all time!

lara trace hentz

I was slow to rent this movie but finally did a month ago (I had been warned it was that good and it was) – it’s another example of government’s programs to distribute children to religious groups or to adoptive parents who are abusive or unknowing about such a despicable program.  This movie hurts and broke me up since it’s what I research and write about in my two books about American Indian Adoptees. These children had parents and were not orphans and yet some spent their lives in orphanages anyway. The abuse, especially of the men in this movie and book, will give you nightmares.

I thought I’d share one review from Amazon. It is a very good movie but a warning to those who have not watched it yet — it has triggers for adoptees like me… Trace/Lara

Understated, But Effective: A Powerful And Disturbing True Life Story Of Corruption…

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