On “adopted” as an epithet.

Daniel writes – “I know that in the long term this will all be easier to change culturally speaking from the ground up than from an imposing dominant class and discourse from above. Imagine how quickly this terminology would disappear if these societies had no class disparity, true equality, and a valid system of caring for children “

Daniel Drennan ElAwar

This is in response to my half-reply (the other half was in a tweet) at the “This Family’s Journey” blog, in a post entitled: The “Ohhhh, they’re adopted” Reason.

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2 thoughts on “On “adopted” as an epithet.

  1. The comments on that original blog attack adoptees for their opinions but the adoptees are correct – yet no one wants to take adoptees seriously – again and again and again…OMG

    • They were measured and reasonable, well argued and right! Far easier to remain a dinosaur with antiquated ideas and keep being abusive.Just as the sexist and racist have been called out we need to call out the adoptist, continuously and wherever we find them.

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