More Shades of Gray

The rather aptly named Dr Gray has been throwing his opinions around again. He has been paid large sums of money for this in the past and made a fortune from his ‘self-help’ books. His message was simple and could have been delivered in one paragraph, his skill was in repeating it over and over and getting people to buy it.
It seems he is now favouring Australia with his presence and giving us the benefit of his thoughts and ideas on a place he knows little about, but nevertheless thinks he can advise on!
Of all the places in the world, there’s a greater acceptance in Australia that men and women are different,” he says.
“These days it’s sexism to say men and women are different, there are a group of people who think if you recognise difference between the sexes then that’s sexist.
“If that’s sexist, Australia should be proud of it.
“The gender guru says Ms Gillard is struggling in the polls because she has alienated her female voter base through a harsh, masculine exterior.
“I believe that to be the case. Quite often in order to achieve political success women get there by thinking more like men. But if they think more like men, they’re often judged more harshly by women,” Dr Gray says.
“She needs to act more feminine I would say.”

Dr John Gray calls Australia \'most sexist\' place in world |

Dr Gray is certainly right in believing that Australians know the difference between the sexes, all of them! One of our greatest strengths is that we accept and usually encourage difference. Because of our beginnings, women had to be able to do eveything men could – and backwards in high heels or more likely a pair of well worn Rossis! Seriously, we had to be able to give birth in remote locations, assist other women to do the same, run a household in extreme conditions on nothing, be able to fence, muster, crutch sheep, administer first aid and do surgery on the kitchen table, ride any horse available, endure high temperatures for long spells, survive drought, hardships,isolation and privations that are unimaginable to some today. Our indigenous sisters understood and survived these things far better than anyone through long practise and practices in which they respected the country and their place in it. For some of us, these were our foremothers and their genes live on in us. We are their proud inheritors and have no concept of not being able to give something a try. We can fix an engine, dig a ditch, shear a sheep and get down and dirty. Next minute we’ll clean up, dress up and go to the ballet or some other event which requires clean clothes and clean nails.
Remember when it was thought essential for men to be able to express their feminine side? Our then male prime Minister cried in a T.V. interview, a first and people thought the better of him. Australian women have always been able to express their male side without comment, censure or disregard. We have always pitched in, given it a go, done our bit and been comfortable with being strong women. Our first female Prime Minister is struggling in the polls, not because of what she wears and her presentation, but because she is making a mess of some things and a great success of others! I dare say she and The First Bloke have had a good laugh over it when he does her hair in the mornings at some ungodly hour. I hope she disregards Dr Gray’s advice and continues just as she is, except perhaps with better political advisers.
Dr Gray is a light-weight, maybe he should leave what he doesn’t know about well alone! He is looking very foolish poor lamb, time to go back to Mars or wherever he lives.
That being said, I must just note in passing that a spell check gives me the word ‘forefathers’ but doesn’t recognise ‘foremothers’! Wondering what century wordpress occupies these days? Perhaps the same world as the fembot enthusiasts. If you watch the video you’ll probably note the chilling remark about the fembot being merchandise and not being supposed to think. Note how ‘grateful’ she is not to be dismantled – ‘grateful’ for the opportunity to ‘live’. How similar her script is to that of an adoptee. She is assigned a name after being a number, she ‘performs’ as required in her new ‘life’, she is ‘grateful’, a commodity for sale and a blank slate. Perhaps it’s just a matter of time ………what a chilling thought!
So here’s some things to ponder if you haven’t already –’>Genetically-modified humans are already walking among us


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