If things don’t improve in the world soon I’ll have to be thinking about changing the name of this blog too The Blog of Doom or something similar! It’s been a heavy week with many challenging and grim examples of the difficulties of human life, exploitation and ruthlessness. Next post I’ll try to give you something a little lighter, a bit of relief and hope.
You probably heard about, even read, this book by a self-confessed sociopath outing herself in order to promote and sell her book in another sociopathic game or will the author prove to be a ‘fake’ sociopath? Whatever …….playing games with sociopaths is like Russian Roulette or wrestling crocodiles. Someone will get hurt and it will always be you!
She says – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a sociopath’s dream. Mormons believe that everyone has the potential to be godlike—I believe this includes me. Every being is capable of salvation; my actions are what matters, not my ruthless thoughts, not my nefarious motivations. Everyone is a sinner, and I never felt that I was outside this norm Chilling hey?
On to another chilling thought – ‘snowflakes’ those children conceived in a laboratory, frozen if not used by the biological parents and then donated for adoption or for research if not unfrozen and allowed to die. Apparently in Germany no excess embryos are allowed to be produced, so there is no ‘problem’ with excess embryos. That ‘problem’ of course means a nice earner for clinics who store the embryos and all those involved in implantation in the selected recipients. Personally, while I find the idea of freezing embryos repugnant, the idea of a woman receiving and carrying an adopted embryo slightly less difficult than baby adoption. However, who knows what will emerge as these ‘snowflake’ children grow into adults and begin to talk about their adoptions as embryos. Will the body remember the time of frozen deactivation? Will the stresses of this type of intervention in conception and implantation have unforseen developments? Those involved will of course tell us they will not, just as we have seen in many other areas of life when ‘experts’ know best. Only time will tell.
Here’s the publicity and the rationale – Adoption is an act of love, fulfilled by the courage of couples who want to share their love with children. Embryo adoption is life-giving love in action in an age of technology.
Embryo donation and adoption is a new way to adopt, a new adoption choice! Rather than adopting a child who has already emerged from her mother’s womb, embryo adoption allows the adopting family to begin the adoption journey nine months earlier with pregnancy and childbirth.
From the questions of embryo donation, adoption, costs and ethics, to the assault on Chinese women, their reproductive rights and the cost to the humanity of Chinese officials and Chinese society
Chinese officials recently announced that 336m abortions and 196m sterilisations have been performed under the one-child policy. An abortion or sterilisation performed on a woman against her will is an atrocity that, one might assume, could only happen during temporary periods of social psychosis or war. But the Chinese government has been committing these crimes against humanity systematically, and on a massive scale, for more than three decades, during a period of peace and growing prosperity. The elimination of life and assault on human dignity dictated by the one-child policy belong with the worst tragedies of the past 100 years

China\'s barbaric one-child policy | Books | The Guardian.

Although initially introduced as a “temporary measure”, more than 30 years later this barbaric experiment in social engineering is, astonishingly, still in force. China’s totalitarian government may have relaxed its control of the means of production, but it has maintained firm control of the means of reproduction, and continues to intrude into the most intimate aspects of an individual’s life, stunting relationships, destroying traditional family life and spreading fear. Two generations of children have grown up without siblings, uncles, aunts or cousins. Women have lost sovereignty of their bodies. The state owns their ovaries, fallopian tubes and wombs, and has become the silent, malevolent third participant in every act of love
The stories told here of how women are monitored, butchered and treated without regard makes distressing reading. The references to adoption, indicate the way in which babies are marketed and commodified, coldly, without regard and strictly for profit. So much for a hatred of capitalism, which China has managed to embrace with enthusiasm, particularly when it concerns the disposal of unwanted girl babies. How predictable that the biggest embracer of adoption from China should be America – a perfect fit, two countries understanding each other perfectly! How anyone who believes in what is right, humane and ethical, could adopt from the Chinese baby market and support the abuse and callous disregard for biological mothers is a mystery. How can that be justified, ignored, rationalised, embraced and encouraged?
The horrors of the treatment of Chinese women are heartbreaking on a personal level, not just because I care about how women are treated in this world, but also because we have in our family a relative married to a Chinese woman who has in the last few years given birth to a girl baby. They live in China where all the concerns of Chinese policy weigh heavily, impinge on daily life and may intrude at any moment. Not that they ever complain, allude or suggest, they wouldn’t be so foolish, but it goes without saying…….

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    • Is there no end to the things humans will do? So much that is repulsive and heart-rending, so many things that are heart-warming and encouraging which never get publicity.

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