Baby farming, sex-assignment surgery and serial killers.

Please note that this post will be much more confronting than many here and is about a collection of ways in which adoptees are subjected to the abuse of adoption through gender assignment, trafficking and the attentions or misfortune of coming into the hands of baby farmers or the attentions of the serial ‘carer’s or killers of the abandoned. It is ugly, deeply distressing and for adoptees, part of our collective history, one we should not forget if we care about the future of young adoptees, some of them being subjected to these very abuses at this moment.
We begin with the assignment of gender through the decisions of ‘professionals’ who acted too early and too haphazardly, without true care or consideration for the future of this adoptee.
A South Carolina couple sued doctors and state social workers on Tuesday for subjecting a 16-month-old child born with both male and female genitalia to what they say was medically unnecessary and irreversible sex-assignment surgery while the toddler was in foster care.
The state and federal lawsuits – believed by the couple’s lawyers to be the first of their kind in the United States – argue that doctors should not have performed surgery to make the child’s body appear to be female when they knew they could not predict how gender would developCouple sues over adopted son\'s sex-assignment surgery – Yahoo! News.

On to the baby markets and farms and to those who support, encourage and benefit from them –
The existence of illegal baby markets, where infants are auctioned off to the highest bidder, is an evil that must be stopped. It is estimated that about 27 million people are trafficked worldwide annually, generating $32 billion in illegal profits, which makes it the fastest-growing black market in the world. According to a 2011 UNESCO report, human trafficking is ranked the third most common crime in Nigeria – after financial fraud and drug trafficking. The United Nations says at least 10 children are illegally sold every day across the country and the traffickers are seldom caught.
And the closing paragraph – One of the ways to stop the supply and hold traffickers accountable is to educate law enforcement agents and the public on how to identify trafficking victims and their captors. Another is to reduce the demand by making it difficult for people to adopt from the black market. The full weight of the law should come down hard on the baby-selling syndicates. Tougher laws targeting those who buy our children are necessary. The National Assembly must act now by strengthening the law to provide severe punishment for any culprit, as envisaged in a draft bill sent by the Federal Government to the parliament. And if you believe that you’ll believe anything! Hollow words, legislation which will never pass or be enforced, because the trade is too lucrative, entrenched and an easy way out of poverty for the beneficiaries.
And the article ends – Many residents know the traders, where they operate, but watch helplessly. No thanks to dwindling sense of values, the society is gradually drifting back to the slave trade era when those who cannot fend for their many children, sold some and use the proceeds to cater for the others.
“The state has been stereotyped as a baby factory state. Government should encourage agencies that ought to handle this matter. This problem has gone beyond the Ministry of Women Affairs. When you talk about sale of babies, it appears light, but we are talking about human lives. The international community should do something because it has become a problem that all human beings must address. These innocent lives are sold, sometimes or most times, for destruction”, he stated”. Easier trade than the slave trade and much more lucrative! British couples desperate for children are illegally procuring newborn babies in Nigeria and bringing them back to the UK using false documentation.
The British authorities at least seem to be taking it seriously! –
A former Oxford University lecturer and his wife are among 12 British couples investigated by police for trying to bring babies into the UK claiming they are their own, in breach of immigration law.
The couple were caught after the British High Commission in Lagos introduced compulsory DNA testing for Britons applying for a passport for a newborn baby in suspicious circumstances.
The loss of societal values and the quest for materialism, which breed such depravity, should be a matter of concern to all men and women
Those are the ways of the adoption industry now, today, and in the past we see very similar methods, situations and solutions which stretch back in time for hundreds of years. Here are some more recent ones including one on abuse and PTSD –
If you have been courageous enough to read through this post, check the links and take on board the implications. I applaud your fortitude. I make no apologies for repeating these horrors, injustices and abuses. The more they are brought to light, repeated and publicised, perhaps the more people will realise what a hideous business the trade in babies is, has always been and will continue to be, unless good people stand up to be counted, speak out and stop associating themselves in any way with the adoption industry which covertly, overtly, and in sophisticated and very simple ways, abuses the children and babies who come to be called adoptees, ‘orphans’, ‘the products of gestation’, the commodities, bastards, the illegitimate, the unwanted and the manufactured. Shame on those involved in any way for not protecting the innocent, the vulnerable and the alone.


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