Not a Playlist for Margaret Thatcher’s Funeral

glenda_jacksonFor someone who decided initially not to post on the demise of Margaret Thatcher, it has been hard to keep away from the videos, the comments, the tributes and the assessments of the Thatcher years. I lived through those years in Britain and they are close to my heart, are part of who I am. They were a time of great closeness to others, hard work, opportunities to stand up and be counted and reminders of what I believe to be justice, caring and in the country of my birth, what is known as – a fair go. Much of what happened triggers my sense of what is right, just and humane. I saw no compassion in the actions and policies of Mrs Thatcher and she showed her hand from the moment she took away the milk from school children, the only nutritious drink many would have had in a day.
Those years, the Thatcher Years, certainly were not ‘aspirational’ for many or ones in which communities, individuals and some industries got ‘a fair go’. The most vulnerable were cast out into the community with no provision, after years in closed institutions, in an act which left many homeless, desperate and unable to cope. It was a callous act and one which affected so many, so badly. Not just the individuals themselves, but their families, those who loved them and their communities and those who tried to care for them without resources, support or assistance. Homeless people wandering the streets in limbo, distress and in the grip of psychiatric distress or physical disability became commonplace. As it has been said Hogarth would have found it familiar.
Glenda Jackson’s articulate and accurate speech sums up beautifully how it was and what Baroness Thatcher was. Anyone would surely have to take issue with such a speech being described as a tirade! It was calm, assertive and razor-sharp and made by someone who lived through those years and has not forgotten. For every person who can overlook Mrs Thatcher’s legacy there is at least one other who will never forget.
Here’s a few links to songs about The Iron lady, a title she enjoyed and those times –

This Is Not a Playlist for Margaret Thatcher\’s Funeral | Mother Jones

via This Is Not a Playlist for Margaret Thatcher\'s Funeral | Mother Jones.


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