Taking newborns

Reposting this excellent post and all it’s useful links which include this quote – “It would take volumes to present a comprehensive study of the characteristics of a great number of cultures in relation to how they challenge the maternal protective instinct during the sensitive period following birth. However a simple conclusion can be drawn from a rapid overview of the data we have at our disposal: The greater the social need for aggression and an ability to destroy life, the more intrusive the rituals and beliefs are in the period surrounding birth”

Adopted in the UK

I first started this post in reaction to 6th March’s Daily Wail Mail article, social workers arrived at hospital to take woman’s baby while she was in labour.

A mother is demanding an apology from social services after her baby was taken away from her as soon as she was born.

Kelly McWilliams, 36, claims that social workers arrived at her bedside while she was in labour and took her newborn daughter Victoria into foster care.

I’d already posted about this subject before (AMBER ALERT! Missing child snatched!) and wanted to look at it in more depth. However, due to my entire crapness at getting things done, the post has been sat here as one of my many unfinished drafts.

Friday just gone (5th April), there appeared yet another post about a Social Services (Staffordshire, again) snatching (literally) a newborn from its mom. This time, it’s an…

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One thought on “Taking newborns

  1. I watched this and was horrified. They have lost four children to the system, and it is justified in the press because she has “learning disabilities” and the father is “domineering.” WHAT? Something strange is happening, and we are not hearing all of it.

    I know many people are focused on the pain of the parents, but all I am thinking about is the trauma and pain of the infant, and the infant lost twelve months before that, and the older siblings…their family is shattered.

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