Adopter totally…

6552_613414335340767_1899988614_nChances are that if you believe some of the stories in the link you might also believe what is said about adoption by the media, the majority and those who benefit from adoption being a profitable industry.
How strange it is that people can be sceptical about some things on occasions but not about others, do not see there is another side or many other aspects and are too uncomfortable/scared/blinkered to look at the truth. While they do this, they perpetuate the myths, the untruths and the stigma for adoptees and help to uphold unjust laws and practises.
“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” as Edmund Burke said and it is as apt today as it was then. It is a mystery how ‘good people’ sleep at night, quiet their consciences and justify what they do, when others do not have equal rights, are treated as second class and are stigmatised and denied basic information about who they are and their identity. Those rights others take for granted and probably would be unable to imagine doing without or negotiating life in it’s complexity, are actively denied some adoptees by those who seem to consider they know best and who’s opinion seems to carry more weight than someone who lives the adopted life, deals with it’s deficits and defaults on a daily basis. Hard to believe some of those who advocate, legislate, propagate and demonstrate such bias against adoptees would live for a moment without the rights they take as given for themselves. Hard to believe they would sit back quietly if those rights were taken away and hard to understand why they encourage and allow themselves and others to legislate against adoptees in such a punitive and discriminatory way.

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