I’m Fine

Not very PC but not possible to alter this delightful little map which indicates how Aussies and Australia are viewed.They left out the sea snakes too and the octopi or is that octopuses?
Apparently one of the most common lies even for people who would consider themselves honest is “I’m fine”! How many of us could say we’ve never trotted that one out when we don’t want to be bothered with going into details or through clenched teeth in anger or in resignation when we’re angry and it’s obvious to all we are not fine. It is something we rarely say when we are fine.
It seems the recent visitor to Australia who wandered off for a hike without adequate preparation or water supplies wasn’t saying anything when he was finally rescued, not even ‘I’m fine!’ He was speechless with dehydration, sunburn, exhaustion and the effects of exposure in Summer weather. He worried his mother enough in to making the trip out to recover his body or be reunited, put the emergency services to a great deal of effort and trouble and made himself look extremely foolish, as well as putting his own life and that of others at risk. It seems our visitors just don’t know how to take us and it would be amusing, if it wasn’t dangerous. They either over-react to the perceived dangers or under-react and don’t take the real dangers seriously. Visitors regularly swim in crocodile infested waters, despite the warning signs and are eaten or badly injured and act as if crocodiles do not have large effective teeth or as if Mick Dundee is standing at the ready.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saltwater_crocodile)
They freak out about ‘drop bears’ and snakes, spiders and whether they’ll be able to get foods to cater to their diets. Undoubtedly we do have some of the most venomous snakes in the world right here. I have them literally on my doorstep. One of my cats got bitten just after Christmas and with prompt action and the right treatment has lived to tell the tale. Snakes are shy, retiring, not aggressive and prefer to be left alone to get on with their lives unbothered by humans. If they’re cornered, trapped, threatened or frightened they will react, as any other living creature does, with an act of self- defense. Spiders too, much prefer to be left alone. Humans are not the centre of their existence and I’m sure they’d prefer never to encounter one as they’re dangerous, aggressive, threatening and murderous. Leave them alone and they wander off, have a life to get on with, places to go, things to do – the spiders that is.
‘How do you relax?’ someone asked the other day, with all these dangerous and threatening creatures around. ‘Easily’ was my reply. Most of them don’t come by very often, or never, as they live thousands of kms away. All of them prefer their own company to that of humans and would probably be very happy if humans stopped invading their territory, left them in peace and backed off. Basic respect and common sense goes a long way and helps self-protection and safety. It also saves others from putting their lives at risk to rescue someone who has acted stupidly, impetuously or without thought. Or maybe they just didn’t know what to believe!!
Check the link – http://www.moxon.net/australia/drop_bears.html
As to whether there will be food available to meet a special diet, it depends on where you are. Expect a top notch coffee or fresh fish in Woop Woop or the Back O’ Beyond and you’ll be out of luck, don’t even ask because you’ll be thousands of kms from the sea or a city with coffee bean suppliers! Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, has more restaurants and cafes per head of population than any city in the world. We live in a food culture, many of us in a food bowl or a wine region, near a Farmers’ Market, a regional Market or an area famed for it’s cheeses, fruit, vegetables, meat or other produce. Most of our cities have restaurants representing every country, food region and style you could name or wish to try. We cater for vegans, vegetarians, fruitarians, paleos etc and many of us are those people! We grow and produce some of the most wholesome and clean food in the world and strive to protect our sources with our import restrictions. We have no foot and mouth disease, mad cow disease or horse meat in our food chain. If you want a tasty, well presented meal using wholesome ingredients, this is the place to get it. I am not alone in being able to be confident that everything that comes to my table is grown or produced within a few kilometres. That includes meat, fish, bread, eggs and milk products, as well as vegetables and fruit. Most of my local cafes and restaurants make the same claim.
Here in S.A. we had many Italian settlers who brought with them their beautiful food traditions and they opened coffee shops, real pizza parlours, market gardens and delicatessens. Our local market gardeners produce a year round supply of excellent vegetables, olives and the best olive oil, all at reasonable prices and freshly grown and pressed within sight of where I am now writing. Our love of good coffee is so strong that Starbucks didn’t last long after it opened a few years ago and had to close down due to lack of support and popularity. Do we know how lucky we are? You bet we do and we appreciate the effort, time and work that goes in to all this production. The best of the producers are regularly rewarded, awarded and recognised, written up in the glossies, all of which helps to grow the business, but not too much to lose quality. All our others settlers have bought with them their special vegetables, fruits and dishes and are generous enough to share them with us, enriching our lives, exciting our taste buds and broadening our horizons and sometimes our girths! We’re happy to share it with whoever visits us and hope that they enjoy it too. It’s a big, dangerous country out there, goes to extremes and bites back but we love it.
Have a fun Sunday!

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