Nutrient Dense

recipe-turkishdelightberryandchoc-284x426So here they are,  The 8 Most Nutrient Dense Foods on Earth | Care2 Healthy Living with no surprises any more for many who have long understood the beneficial effects of chocolate in a balanced healthy diet! Strange how we sometimes think a healthy diet has to be one that is punitive, restrictive or deprives us of things we enjoy and gain pleasure from.
Ten years ago, when David Suzuki officially opened our local Farmers’ Market, he noted that our food is our medicine. Since then we have seen our market flourish, our food outlets multiply and a large number of local food producers grow successful businesses based around healthy, local products. We are lucky enough to live in a food and wine bowl, where the production, presentation and consumption of good food and wine are taken seriously, enjoyed without pretension and with enthusiasm. For those of us who love good healthy food it is Paradise, with more choice than we’re ever likely to see anywhere in this lifetime.

For this adoptee, it is a particular hardship to have food choices restricted by illness or disease and the impact of a rare disease has been profound. That this disease should be caused by early stress and trauma and that the chickens of stigma and adoption should finally come home to roost after 68 years is particularly trying, poignant and significant. No matter how well we think we have come to terms with our early trauma and adoption, it indicates, that in my case at least, there are elements that have been outside my control and that will now have to be wrestled and dealt with, if at all possible. It has taken some time to develop a modus operandi and I am still to some extent working in the dark, with many questions unanswered and sometimes an unawareness of even what questions to ask! I am making it up as I go along, using trial and error, painful error and looking into an abyss where the future is unknown, there are no precedents and diseases or conditions I have previously suffered look simple, easy to manage and in relative terms much less painful, that includes sudden onset rheumatoid arthritis for which I was hospitalised a number of times.
Am I miserable, downcast and feeling defeated?  No, you can’t keep an eternal optimist down, even at the worst of times, when there is always hope for change and each development may be a step towards recovery and needs to be worked through with awareness of what can be gleaned from it. I sometimes remember back to a couple of years ago when the very first adoptees were ejected from an Origins Facebook group set up supposedly for information on the Federal Inquiry into forced adoption for telling their adoption truths. When the first adoptees’ group was formed by those adoptees, an Origins member described the group as ‘Von’s mob wallowing in misery’. It makes me smile to think how very different people’s concept of misery must be! It is I suppose, relative. Since then some have tried to force a scale of suffering on us all, to label themselves as ‘woundies’  and the rest of us as having had ‘good adoptions’ and therefore perhaps not as affected by adoption and possibly even being pro-adoption! It is it seems one of the worst insults a mother or fellow adoptee can label an adoptee with – being ‘pro-adoption’. Another of the simplistic views of adoption which indicate lack of understanding of the complexities, the difficulties, the contradictions and the dilemmas. Unfortunately some form of alternative parenting will always have to be available for those children who can’t/ shouldn’t be parented by their biological parents. It is not realistic to consider that the adoption option should never be used if we are to put the adequate care and welfare of children first.
One of the hardest struggles during the last few years here in Australia, in the adoption community, has been in trying to counter the tendency to label, to form exclusive groups and to hold a broad-based viewpoint rather than narrow, blinkered factional divisions. The involved politicians ‘got it’ once it was explained, changed their terminology and their thinking to their credit. It has been impossible in some instances for some groups to remain open to all comers because some members, potential members and critics have agendas which appear to be derived from damage, the need to retain the effects of damage, the fear of displeasing others in telling the truth and an unwillingness or fear of moving forward, away from what is familiar. It takes courage to face the truth, our own truth and it can be a frightening place to go, especially without support.
There has been turmoil, many accusations, threats and misinformation of the most offensive nature, much of it libelous. It has not been an easy time nor always a pleasant one and the struggle to see justice has been made so much harder by the actions of the few who seem unwilling or unable to view the wider picture and to work for the common good.There has also been much goodwill, generosity, kindness and open-hearted sharing, acts of compassion and understanding. It has been illuminating, instructive and useful. Hopefully it will eventually result in change which will benefit all adoptees.

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