The wonderful Beryl Cook’s cat seems to have got her staff well trained, although here at Poddler’s Creek we don’t go as far as donning evening dress to wait on the felines. We won’t tell them as they’re reasonably happy with arrangements for the most part. There are days when all three turn their noses up and we have to remind them that H.H.D.L’s cat eats Snappy Tom, seemingly without complaint.

We don’t know what Marcus was fed in 1955 by his staff, but we hope he was generously treated! Marcus was given to James Dean by Elizabeth Taylor and taken to be cared for by his girlfriend just before Dean’s fatal crash.

Someone anonymous once said something like, ‘When you cradle a kitten in your arms you know that nine lives will never be enough.’  The comment of a true cat lover, a dedicated fan of cats and a forever devotee.

All this talk of other cats does get boring and it must be time to sleep again. Happy Sunday!

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