Mother to Daughter

Great post here from Melynda – “I am sorry for not knowing how adoption would wound you, how it would shatter your ability to trust in your own goodness, your own worth, your own value within the universe. If I had known, I would have made different choices, but I didn’t, and for that, I am sorry.”

Letters to Ms. Feverfew

Dear Ms. Feverfew –

Angela Morgan wrote the poem at the bottom of this letter, “Battle Cry of the Mothers” during World War I. I found it  many years ago, when I was first waking up from the adoption anesthesia.  It resonated within my torn and broken heart. In the stanzas of this poem, I first found words that began to convey the great tragedy adoption was in my life. O, God! If the mothers could only speak— At that moment, I had lost the ability to speak the truth about my loss, butin the intervening years, I have found my voice. However, it was not without exquisite pain and sufferingour minds are numb and our hearts are sore!—and much anguish of the soul.

No, I did not suffer because I got pregnant before getting married, I suffered because I came to understand  the truth:…

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2 thoughts on “Mother to Daughter

  1. Thanks for the link to this blog. Because I have been personally crushed by adoption, I find it useful to gain as much insight into the tangled web that makes up the adoption system. The agencies, churches, legal communities knew shortly after the closed-adoption system began in the USA (around the end of WWII) that the effects of separating a newborn from his natural mother would have devastating, life-long repercussions on the adopted out child and the natural mother, father and bio siblings. The ADOPTION ESTABLISHMENT, however, continues to coerce, manipulate and criminally separate infants from their natural mothers. Regardless of what has happened to the adoptees (many here have endured extreme emotional/physical abuse and even deaths on the part of the adopters), the INDU$TRY refuses to accept any responsibility for their immoral behavior. They continue to promote ideas that “God has an adoption plan for the baby of the vulnerable, soon-to-be mother” and “God has led the adopters to the baby of their dreams” and, of course, the final zinger used here the States, “God has reserved a place in heaven for adopters.” It all smacks of charlatanism to the utmost degree…

  2. And of course the demonstration of vertical adoption through horizontal adoption, the micro in the macro some are so fond of.So adoption wouldn’t be self-serving and a way to salvation would it? Commodified again!

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