Make a New Plan, Stan

Beautiful day here at Poddler’s Creek; cats dozing in the sun, Colin the Rooster crooning and scratching,  geese munching a bag of fresh carrots and a nice collection of fresh vegetables and fruit for the humans to enjoy – red carrots, romano broccoli in purple, persimons, rhubarb, dried muscats with a delicious pair of pork medallions in plum sauce on the menu for dinner.      It’s all about food! When isn’t it when you have body and soul to nourish?

Invented a very, very simple lunch dish today quite by accident and inspired by hunger; the sort that requires a plate of something very healthy, very fast! Into the bowl went a chopped avocado, tuna flakes, chopped parsley, shavings of red carrot and a nice dash of Caesar salad dressing. It was delicious, must have been hugely healthy and will certainly be revisited next time the ingredients happen to be ‘in house’. Yum!  It would be good with fresh steamed salmon too, perhaps a few capers strewn on the top. If you like broccoli you might like to check out my facebook page for the little vid which includes broccoli. I must have looked somewhat similar munching my salad!

I guess followers of the snarkurchin/   will have spotted her post on Dr Rita Simon, the expert on International adoption who is also featured in an interview with Peter Dodds – he’s the one talking lots of sense, she’s the one opening and closing her mouth occasionally like a goldfish gasping for air and shaking her head, whether in disbelief or disagreement we don’t know. Dontcha love it when non-adoptees and sometimes adoptees refer to themselves as ‘experts’ on adoption. The experts talk and write about what perhaps could be called  ‘adoption theory’ except there can be no theory, only hypotheses. Most research is untrustworthy, flawed and adoption and adoptercentric, never about how to prevent it and create some imaginative solutions.  Please someone prove me wrong!

The ‘experts’ are good at theorising and the advisers and book writers at setting up money makers and pot boilers which often take the form of books with numbers in the title. Like all things pop in the world of writing, something serious and often complex, has to be reduced to manageable numbers in order not to scare the punters – 15 questions to get someone’s psychological profile, 20 questions to master adoption and so on. At least Paul Simon upped the numbers in this game and with some talent and style!

Susan has posted at Family Ties: Noteworthy Comments by Friends and Foes on Adoptee Rights.

In a recent blog post over at The Life of Von, Von pointed out in this analogy how misleading it is that adoptive parents seem to do most of the talking about the institution of adoption:

“If you wanted to know what it was like to work in a bank, you’d ask a bank teller, a bank manager, an account manager and a loans advisor, wouldn’t you, to get a full picture? You wouldn’t just go to a customer.”

In the world of adoption, adoptive parents currently do most of the public talking. The executive directors of both the National Council for Adoption and the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute are adoptive fathers. In public forums, the voice of the adoptee or the original mother is rarely sought out.

So there you go – have a great weekend!

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