Mother Mine

Mother Load | what a shrink thinks.We have surely made some of our mothers better people, stronger than they knew, braver. Some of our mothers were embittered, resentful, rebelling against the maternal mandate by withholding their authentic selves or by venting their rage at their assigned charges. Some our mothers carried and bore us, but could not or chose not to raise us or both. Some of us taught our mothers to love, others of us had to head for the hills to escape a mother who, starved of any other means of satisfaction, threatened to devour us whole.

Another excellent post from our resident shrink here at WordPress and as always she’s nailed it!

I am today grieving the loss of my wonderful first mother-in-law, the one I always referred to as ‘the best mother I ever had’. I’ve written about her before, no doubt I will again. She accepted and loved me, acknowledged and validated me, was a stern task-master and sometimes a tough cookie.There is relief that her suffering is over, still shock, although her death was expected and the rituals of next week to get through. I will always be grateful my last visit to her was recent and that she was still present enough to respond. Her loss is hard. It is another of life’s tough realities.     I will be back soon……….

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